Tips for After a Dental Cleaning in Black Diamond

After a Dental CleaningWhen was your last dental cleaning in Black Diamond, Washington? Most dental professionals recommend having your teeth cleaned every six months. This preventative measure removes unwanted plaque and ensures you catch cavities as early as possible. It’s important to practice good dental care even after your cleaning, however. Proper care will help your gums heal quickly and can reduce sensitivity and pain. Keep the following tips in mind:

Brush Three Times a Day

After a family dentistry visit for a dental cleaning, it’s important to brush your teeth regularly. Most professionals recommend brushing at least three time a day, especially after meals. You should brush carefully, however, right after a cleaning. It’s also a good idea to wait a day before flossing again.

Use Mouthwash

While you won’t need mouth wash immediately after your dental cleaning, using it should become part of your daily routine. Find a mouthwash with fluoride, as this can help prevent decay over time. Don’t use mouthwash right after brushing, as it can actually wash away fluoride from your toothpaste.

Avoid Harmful Dental Habits

There’s no better time to discontinue bad habits than right after a dentist performs a dental cleaning. If at all possible, avoid soda, cut down on sugar and quit smoking.

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