Basic Information About Cosmetic Contouring in Maple Valley

cosmetic contouring, dental contouringAre you ashamed of your smile? Do dental defects negatively impact your confidence in social situations or cause you embarrassment? It may be time to consider cosmetic dental contouring in Maple Valley, Washington. This procedure could help you reclaim the beautiful smile you’ve been hiding for far too long. The following information about this procedure can help inform your decision to speak with a dental professional

The Basics

Cosmetic contouring is a process that reshapes teeth with minor dental defects, such as misshapen sides or chips. It is relatively inexpensive and minimally invasive, unlike other available cosmetic dentistry procedures. In most cases, dentists prefer this method for front, upper teeth.

When It’s Recommended

The goal of cosmetic contouring is to make your teeth look better. Most people choose to speak with their family dentist about the procedure to correct the following issues:

  • Tiny chips
  • Bite alignment
  • Tooth length
  • Extra-sharp canines
  • Dental overlaps

Some patients request this treatment in order to make teeth appear more rounded or square.

What to Expect

Your dentist will first examine your teeth and then discuss the changes you want make. Be honest about your goals and preferences because this is when your dental professional will decide whether or not contouring is the correct course of action.

Interested in Cosmetic Contouring in Maple Valley?

Are you interested in cosmetic contouring in Maple Valley, Washington? Now that you know more about this procedure, it’s time to discuss options with a professional. Contact Soos Creek Dental in Covington to make a dental appointment today! We’ve served Maple Valley for years. Our highly-trained staff consistently provides expert advice, quality service and unbeatable client care. With years of experience, you can trust that we have the knowledge, skills and equipment to meet all your dental needs. You can also count on our practice for assistance with Invisalign and dental implants.

Cosmetic Contouring in Maple Valley

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