What to Expect Before and After a Root Canal in Black Diamond

root canalHas your dentist recently mentioned that you need a root canal in Black Diamond, Washington? Root canals can seem extremely intimidating, but they really aren’t as annoying as many people think. In most cases, it’s the fear of the unknown that causes so much anxiety. To help put you at ease before your next dental appointment, here’s what to expect from this process. Keep this information in mind for before and after your root canal in Black Diamond.

Before Your Root Canal

As you get ready for your upcoming root canal, make sure that you have your insurance information on hand. You should also bring any X-rays provided to you by your dental professional, as well as a referral card if you have one. When able, it’s also a good idea to fill out any patient registration documentation ahead of time. You don’t, however, need to change your eating habits prior to your appointment, unless I.V. sedation is necessary.

After Your Root Canal

After a root canal, it isn’t uncommon to experience some tenderness. Sensitivity is normal during the days immediately following your procedure, especially if your tooth’s roots were long. Your family dentist will probably prescribe medication, or recommend over-the-counter alternatives, to manage the pain as you heal.

Ready to Schedule Your Root Canal Procedure in Black Diamond?

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