Maple Valley Dentistry: Are Palateless Dentures Right for You?

palateless denturesHas your dentist mentioned palateless dentures during a recent dental appointment in Maple Valley, Washington? Regular dentures pose several potential problems for patients, including difficulty eating. Fortunately, there are alternatives. If you’ve struggled to find a solution that works for you, consider the following information about palateless dentures in Maple Valley.

Common Problems with Dentures

Every patient is different, but many report having difficulty with their dentures. Regular dentures cover the upper part of the mouth, or palate. This doesn’t only cause discomfort, but it also impedes the chewing and swallowing of food. Some people also complain to dental professionals that dentures negatively impact their ability to taste food. Additionally, the slick surface may cause some individuals to swallow food before it’s fully chewed.

How Palateless Dentures Help

Palateless dentures, which are sometimes called snap-on dentures, may be the perfect solution to the above-mentioned problems. This type of denture is shaped in an arch and doesn’t touch the roof of the wearer’s mouth. Instead, the unit is kept secure by attaching to implants that a dentist has surgically placed in the upper jaw bone. With two to five implants, the palateless denture is simply snapped into place. The result is better retention and chewing efficiency for the wearer.

Interested in Palateless Dentures?

Are you interested in learning more about palateless dentures in Maple Valley, Washington? Now that you’re a little more familiar with this type of denture, you can make a more informed decision. For best results, it’s best to speak with a dental professional. To receive the expert advice, service, and patient care you deserve, contact Soos Creek Dental in Covington. We’ll be happy to discuss denture options with you. You can also count on our practice for cosmetic dentistry and family dentistry services. We also provide patients with dental implants and Invisalign.

Palateless Dentures in Maple Valley

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