What to Do if Your Temporary Crown Comes Off

temporary crownHave you recently had a root canal in Black Diamond, Washington? If so, your dentist probably gave you a temporary crown to protect your tooth. Permanent crowns take time to make, but leaving the tooth exposed can cause damage. While temporary crowns are cemented into place, they do occasionally fall off. If this happens, it can be quite alarming. Don’t panic. Because the cement used is designed to be temporary, this isn’t an uncommon occurrence. Take the following steps if your temporary crown falls out.

Put the Crown in a Safe Place

The first thing you should do if your temporary crown falls out is put it somewhere safe. In most cases, a dental professional will be able to put the crown back into place without any difficulty. If the crown broke, it’s helpful to show your dentist so he or she can make appropriate adjustments for the replacement.

Avoid Chewing with the Exposed Tooth

If your temporary crown came off while eating, stop chewing on that side of your mouth. Foods, especially crunchy ones, can cause significant damage to the unprotected tooth.

Contact Your Dentist

As soon as you are able, contact your dentist to set up a new dental appointment. Most practices have weekend hours or emergency contact information. While the tooth should be fine for a day or two while you wait for the appointment, it’s important to inform your dentist about the situation as soon as possible.

Need Assistance with a Temporary Crown in Black Diamond?

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Temporary Crown Replacement

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