Dental Sedation Options in Black Diamond

dental sedationDental procedures can be scary, even under ideal circumstances. Dental sedation can help calm particularly anxious patients. If you have a major dental procedure coming up in Black Diamond, and think you could benefit from dental sedation, talk to a dental professional today. Your dentist will be able to help you decide which of the following options is best for you.

IV Sedation

There are two types of IV administered dental sedation. One is twilight sedation, during which you are conscious but not very aware of your surroundings. Twilight sedation allows a dentist to wake you easily if needed. The other is general anesthesia, which renders you totally unconscious. General anesthesia is rare because an anesthesiologist is required on site during the procedure.

Oral Sedation

With oral sedation, you are given a sedative pill to take the night before and about an hour before your procedure. This form of dental sedation is ideal for patients with higher levels of anxiety. You are awake for the procedure, but most patients remember very little of the visit. Oral sedation leaves you sleepy for about a day, so having a driver to take you home after dental visit is needed.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is used to relax patients during procedures. Patients will typically feel the effects in under 30 seconds, but the impact wears off shortly after the gas stops. Unlike other forms of dental sedation, patients who receive nitrous oxide are often able to drive home.

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