Why Dentists Recommend Water Flossing

water flossingDo you hate flossing? Even if you brush your teeth regularly and schedule all the necessary dental appointments, you’re still bound to develop tarter without proper flossing. Life can get so busy that it’s easy to forget to floss, but doing so really should be a priority. Dentists assert that you should floss your teeth at least once every day. Doing so can drastically decrease the development of tarter and cavities. If you dislike traditional flossing, though, it may be worth speaking to your dentist about water flossing. Here are several reasons why so many people prefer this type of flossing.

There’s Less Inflammation

Water flossing is gentler on your gums. If you suffer from inflammation and bleeding around your teeth, this type of flossing can help. Receiving regular dental cleanings also helps limit the amount of inflammation after an appointment.

Your Teeth Get Cleaner

While string flossing is effective, water flossing actually gets the job done a little better. The water jets penetrate deeper, clearing away more bacteria and keeping your teeth much cleaner.

Water Flossing is Easy

Luckily, water flossing is extremely easy. In fact, it’s arguably easier than string flossing. Even children can do it by themselves. Additionally, it often takes less time. The process is automated, taking approximately a minute to complete.

Like What Dentists Are Saying About Water Flossing?

Do you think water flossing may be a good option for you? Talk to the dentists at Soos Creek Dental of Covington, Black Diamond, and Maple Valley about which water flossers they recommend. We’ll be happy to discuss the importance of flossing. We also offer a wide array of services, including Invisalign, braces, and cleanings. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, visit our website. You can also call us at (253) 214–3750 to speak with a representative.

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