4 Worst Foods for Your Teeth

worst food for your teethWhat you eat matters not just for your weight, but also for your teeth. While scheduling regular dental appointments is an important element of dental hygiene, your work doesn’t stop after you leave the dentist. You need to establish more than just good brushing and flossing habits. A healthy diet helps as well. Here are four of the absolutly worst foods for your teeth so you can plan your meals accordingly.


What? No way! Actually, ice is quite bad for your teeth. While it doesn’t contain any sugar or other additives, it’s never a good idea to chew on ice or other hard substances.


The acid in citrus fruits can actually erode your enamel. As your teeth lose enamel, you become more susceptible to cavities. While giving up oranges, grapefruit, and lemons completely isn’t advisable, watching your intake and keeping your toothbrush handy afterward is important.

Anything Sticky

Sticky foods, even when seemingly healthy, can do a lot of damage to your teeth. This is because sticky substances tend to stick to your teeth for long periods of time, making the chance of enamel erosion and decay more likely.


Even regular dental cleanings can’t undo the damage soda does to your teeth. Not only does the sugar they contain cause plaque buildup, but soda contains acids that attack your enamel as well. You should even avoid diet sodas when possible.

Need to See a Dentist about Your Teeth?

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Edited by Justin Vorhees

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