Why You Really Should Be Flossing

Why You Should Floss Once Every Day | Soos Creek DentalIt may seem simple enough and it hardly takes any time at all, but few people take flossing their teeth seriously. Flossing is relatively automatic right after your bi-yearly dental cleaning. But a few weeks go by and your newly purchased floss disappears in the back of the drawer. Your dentist has probably told you it’s important to floss, but sometimes it’s hard to remember why. Here are four reasons that you should definitely make flossing once a day part of your regular routine.

  1. Protects Your Gums

Do you have problems with bleeding gums when you brush or floss your teeth? Bleeding is a sign of bacteria buildup at your gum line. You can prevent bleeding and sensitivity by ridding your mouth of unhealthy bacteria with a regular flossing routine. If you’re suffering from gum sensitivity, schedule a dental appointment to get them checked out.

  1. Keeps You Healthier

Speaking of your gums, it’s vitally important that you take care of them. Many conditions, including stroke, diabetes, and heart disease, may be connected to poor gum health. Gum disease impacts your overall health and keeps your body’s immune system working over-time. When it operates this way, you are more susceptible to other illnesses as well.

  1. Prevents Cavities Between Teeth

While a six-month dental cleaning is definitely important, preventing cavities is a job you must work at year round. Unfortunately, cavities strike in places toothbrushes simply can’t reach. Flossing, however, can help prevent cavities in between your teeth.

  1. Assures Less Painful Dental Visits

No one likes going to the dentist, but your visit doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or painful. Flossing once a day will prevent tarter buildup, gum disease, and cavities. Dealing with these things is what makes your dental appointment painful. Eliminate them so your checkups will not only be more comfortable, but they’ll take less time too!

Make Flossing Part of Your Daily Dental Hygiene Routine

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Edited by Justin Vorhees

Flossing is Vitally Important

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